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Recorded Facebook live video of Geralds in person course. U can watch it anytime!

42 reviews for Online video Roof cleaning class

  1. Doug

    I attended the FEB 2021 class and it was great! Gerald is a wealth of information and he covers all the bases. He also invited Heath in to cover marketing and that helped avoid wasting money on advertising. Becoming part of this learning network is one of the best things you can do for your business. Highly recommend you attend!

  2. Jim Scoppa

    This is a great class! The roof king 12 is the most efficient roof cleaning system you can use. It saves on time and you don’t waste chemical with it. I highly recommend this course.

  3. Malak Maroun

    If it’s not clear already, Gerald is the king of roofs, he not only know what to do and not to do but he also is super knowledgeable about the industry as a whole. He’s super funny and great to listen to. Even after the class is over he’s always available for any questions/concerns you may have! Money well spent that’s for sure!

  4. Brian Poole

    If you’re wanting to learn how to clean roofs and pricing this will be the class I recommend. The price is nothing compared to what you’ll make on your first job. You will have enough confidence when you leave this class to go out and get that house and get that roof with no problem. Gerald has a lot of knowledge that will be very helpful for you and your helpers. It will explain the mixtures he uses and recommends . The safety and property protection is number one. After all said and done I have made a very good friend you will always be there to help you if you need help hope you all get as much enjoyment and experience out of the class as I did.Brian legends power washing

  5. Mark Shreve

    I went to one of Gerald’s classes in 2020. It was excellent and from what I hear the training material has continued to improve. I’ve also bought equipment and supplies and he is always a great resource when you have a question.

  6. Charles

    Gerald is very knowledgeable in what he teaches and very hands on. He will go over any questions and goes out of his way to help out. I would highly recommend anyone new or just looking to learn a good way to roof wash to attend this class.

  7. Tim

    Good class learned a lot that will help me get my business more profitable

  8. Alex Melendez (verified owner)

    The class was 100% worth it. We not only learned the basics of washing a roof but we also learned efficiency techniques. The group was engaged and we got to ask lots of questions. The sales part was invaluable as Gerald not only covered the sales process but also how to overcome clients objections. Im happy that I flew from FL to attend the class. Well worth the investment in my business.

  9. Ed Rivera

    Gerald is genuine and charismatic, his class presentation hits on all that you should know. Great course and the hands on portion was absolutely awesome. I would definitely recommend this course. 5+ Stars

  10. Isreal

    We can not wait to take this course! We are excited to be getting the Roof Slinger Soft Wash System and adding it to our trailer setup. I have heard nothing but good things about Gerald and his training.

  11. Selcuk (Sam) Fidan (verified owner)

    I got Gerald class Oct 2nd-3rd, class was one of the crowded class i have been to, but it was fun. You meet really nice people from all over the states. Class was awesome, lots of great info. People like me just starting to pressure washing business. There is a reason he is the king of the roof. He covers all types of roofs we may encounter. He showed us how to be washed with special sauce he is using. This is not on you tube channels, you can not find those info he shares with you. Ask me how i know, i did quite a lot research. I really appreciate him for sharing amazing marketing strategies as well and how he response to the customers. Besides those i met really good people from different states. Thank you Gerald, it was well worth weekend class.

  12. Curtis Dawson (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough about Gerald and his roof cleaning class. This man really does want to see everyone succeed. Looking forward to implementing his strategies and watching my already successful business continue to grow.

  13. Johnny Ray Gonzales (verified owner)

    Incredible Class. I’m just starting out and learned so much that will allow me to move forward with confidence and knowledge to do the job correctly. I can’t say enough on how beneficial this class is!

  14. Justin posey (verified owner)

    Had an amazing time at the class , definitely learned tons of information, from the process to the sales and marketing side of things , met great people at the class that were all helpful as well ! Would not regret going at all ! If you have the opportunity to go to this class make time and go !

  15. John Garrett (verified owner)

    Fantastic training! Gerald takes you through all the steps to be a professional roof expert. On top of that he teaches you sales and marketing. I left this class feeling confident that I can go out and get new customers and provide superior roof cleaning services. Thanks for everything Gerald.

  16. KJ (verified owner)

    We attended this past weekend and the experience was great. Gerald is a wealth of knowledge and I definitely feel like we got our money’s worth. Not only that but the knowhow for success.

  17. Russell Harms

    I can’t say enough great things about Gerald and the Roof King training class. My employee and I learned so much. It’s the perfect combination of classroom style and hands on training out in the field. Very reasonably priced and Gerald is a fantastic guy. Plus you get to make many new friends and colleagues to bounce things off of each other. Highly recommend!

  18. Jason Pruitt (verified owner)

    Awesome class and experience. Being able to learn from one of the best in the Industry is worth more then $399. Im already scheduled to make that money back tomorrow. $$😂$$ than you GV #DCMS

  19. Zach Dronet

    Man! What an awesome class. From A-z everything you need to know to clean roofs. Not only the hands on stuff/ prep… but the marketing and typical conversation with roof cleaning customers… money VERY well spent. Highly recommended for anyone looking to gain knowledge in the roof cleaning industry.

  20. Carlos Munoz (verified owner)

    Great class very informative! The hands on training was definitely helpful for me. Gerald Vess it was great meeting you, your personality is very welcoming. Meeting a lot of great people from different parts of the country was a big plus. Got so many great tips and information from the guys.

  21. John Guler (verified owner)

    I took the October 2021 class and it was money well spent to learn from Gerald and experience his side of this business. He’s an open book and wants everyone to success in this business just like he has and gives you all the info you need to know. Met great new people in the process and had a great time over all.

  22. David Raziano (verified owner)

    I took the class in Oct 2021.
    Sinply an outstanding job by Gerald.
    Gerald walks you through real life expériences
    He has a tremoudous amount of expérience to help you grow your business. I highly recommend the class 100%.

  23. Don Matthews (verified owner)

    Geralds class was top notch! He gives you the tools you need to succeed in this industry. He made class fun and interesting while sharing a wealth of knowledge. If you put the information he shares to use it will pay for the class over and over again. I put some of Geralds tactics to use when I met a customer Sunday afternoon following our class, I priced it higher than I would have before the class and the customer agreed without hesitation! If your on the fence about spending the money and taking the class, just do it! You will not regret it!

  24. Jonathan Aranda (verified owner)

    I just attended this class October 2nd & 3rd a true hands on experience. For any newbies like myself you will feel 100x more comfortable when you leave the class. Gerald is awesome truly there to help you and will answer all of your questions and concerns. 100% recommend.

  25. David Klintworth (verified owner)

    I flew in from Columbia, SC to attend Gerald’s class, and it was worth every penny. His honesty and transparency was refreshing, and his lifetime experience in business evident. We had guys with multiple employees and guys just staring out, from 17 years old to 75! We all learned something from each other and of course Gerald. This was my first power washing related event, but I have a degree in business and have been to other business conferences before. The best teachers make business simple and cut through the extra fluff, and that is exactly what Gerald delivered. Thanks Gerald, I had the most fun I’ve had in awhile and I can’t wait to implement what I learned!

  26. Nik Bauguss

    He was definitely was not joking when he says you will earn all your expenses after you get back. The same day I got home went and did a estimate for a well known guy in my area for his roof, and about an hour later, he calls me back saying let’s go ahead and do it. He also added another service I offer! I won’t give away what he said to all of us, but the confidence I gained and others gaining the same confidence, is well worth the 12+ hours driving and taking the leap in purchasing his class! A bonus is all the amazing other guys struggling or succeeding, and everyone helps everyone. No one is left out! Stop thinking about it and take the chance! You won’t regret it!

  27. Elton Morgunov (verified owner)

    This was my first time ever on a plane , I learned how to properly clean and roof and properly sell a roof , I gained confidence by learning how to do it , and now I own a certificate . That means a lot to costumers

  28. Joe Cenova

    I attended the January 15&16th class.
    We learned about every aspect of roof cleaning, all the different materials of roofing and how to clean them. You will leave the class with the confidence to clean a roof and sell the jobs!

  29. Bronson Worthy

    Worth every penny, you’ll gain a ton of knowledge from the GOAT of roof washing. Gerald knows every inch of the industry and is an all around great guy. You will be glad you went!

  30. Daniel Lawrence (verified owner)

    Great and informative class.
    Gerald covers all the basses and answers any questions.
    Definitely come out with a better understanding
    Thank you Gerald

  31. Beau

    I took the January 15th & 16th class and it’s well worth the money. Gerald teaches you all the pricing for roofs and the marketing on how to get the jobs and all of the basics you need to know. Highly recommend for anyone even if they are just starting out! You’ll be ready to clean a roof right after the class.

  32. Austin Palmer (verified owner)

    Worth every dollar guys!! Myself and some other guys were joking with Gerald saying he should charge more haha anyway I’d highly recommend the coarse to anyone interested in getting in the business. Gerald has a wealth of knowledge and is really helpful with everything from marketing to actually executing a job. Overall I had a great time learned allot and met some driven hard working individuals. So overall it’s a great idea from a knowledge standpoint and a networking stand point. Thanks Gerald I really appreciate it !

  33. Danny Vose (verified owner)

    Gerald teaches you how to wash roofs efficiently and easily. He goes over every type of roof material, and how to walk on them without causing damage. You are also hands on and get to put what you learn to practice. He also teaches you a tried and true sales method.

  34. Chad Jones

    Great class by Gerald who is a wealth of knowledge for roof washing. Highly recommend!

  35. Weston Lindblom (verified owner)

    I’ve experience a lot of ups and downs after my first year of business. I paid the online gurus tons of money to take their courses. I thought I understood the industry very well, but it wasn’t until I met Gerald that I understood how much misinformation I had acquired. Gerald’s class removed so much confusion. He answered every question I had and more. Gerald doesn’t hold anything back and he doesn’t give vague responses to your questions. He teaches tried and true tactics that he has been using for years. Not only did he teach roof cleaning techniques but he taught sales and marketing. He even shared his price sheet! Gerald really is a genuine guy who will offer whatever help you need. I feel so much more confident in my business and in my marketing strategy. You will save so much money by taking this class!

  36. Isreal Young

    Finally made it to the roof washing, pricing, and sales course. Gerald has a wealth of knowledge that is practical and easy to implement. Whether you are new to soft washing or just want to improve your technique this is a great class. The hands-on training with the ability to ask questions in real-time was far better than any YouTube video you can watch. It is apparent that many people are actually creating more work for themselves and overthinking the process of washing a roof.

  37. David McKay

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when taking the class because I have been washing roofs for a few years now. I absolutely took away knowledge that will make my roof washing more efficient and effective. I really appreciated the marketing class on the second day because if you have been washing for any time at all, you know that most of your success in this business is not just skill based, but rather the ability to sell yourself. Great information that I would recommend for anyone in the washing business.

  38. Michael Scheider (verified owner)

    I attended the January 15/16 class. Gerald is a great instructor with a wealth of knowledge. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone the wants to add to their wash business or is brand new.

  39. Heath (verified owner)

    I attended the mid January 2022 training. I was able to broaden my knowledge beyond watching youtube videos with class room instruction plus get hands on roof washing. It was very informative and I suggest that everyone who is getting into the Industry should take the course. The class will benefit someone looking to get started or a seasoned veteran with years and years of experience. The training overall was great and helped me gain the confidence to start and grow a business. Thanks Gerald for sharing your experience and wisdom.

  40. Benjamin Nguyen (verified owner)

    Gerald really makes roof cleaning simple. He definitely knows what he’s doing and talking about and cracks a whole lot of jokes/stories from his years of experience. The hands on part of the class really lets you see how he does everything and he’s just as fast as his videos.

    The marketing and sales is some great stuff. You don’t need to spend money to make money, Gerald will go through many ways you can get started!

    Another great thing about these classes is the connections with people. We connected with some people who knows other tips for growing your business, safety on the job and more. Great group of people!

  41. Matt (verified owner)

    Class was even more than advertised! I have 0 regrets for bringing myself and 2 others all the way from Iowa! Dollars well spent and highly recommend his classes as well as his equipment!

  42. John Molina (verified owner)

    Gerald is a down to earth guy who really Loves helping people. This guy truly goes out of his way to help you succeed in this business. I flew in from Seattle Wa and it was money well spent. The hands on training and marketing classes plus the extras definitely gives me the confidence I need to do roof cleaning. Great experience overall. Thank Gerald!

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